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Слот 9

Slot Russian : Слот is a Russian metal band.

слот 9

Since its inception, the group has released eight studio albums, two слот 9 albums, two mini-albums, слот 9 live DVDs, recorded 20 singles and several слот 9. The slot is known for its long tours of Russia and neighboring countries, which sometimes last more than a year.

Their debut video "Odni" Одни was in rotation on MTV and other major video stations for over six months.

Игровые автоматы Слот клаб бесплатно

The album went on to sell over ten thousand copies internationally. Despite their initial success, Teona Dolnikova left the band слот 9 due to further concentrate with her solo career.

The band have слот 9 featured on получить деньги в играх soundtracks for films such as " Day Watch ", "Pirate", " Bumer " and " Hunting for Piranha". In the слот 9 of Slot opened their Myspace page due to constant requests from fans сьот.

Цены на Смартфоны NOKIA (актуально на сентябрь 2021) :

In the first month the band had слот 9 over visits and over 20, plays on Myspace player. Slot also has слот 9 page on Facebook and a YouTube channel. Слот 9 Autumnthe band released their second studio album 2 Wars 2 войныfuelled by the nationwide hit single of the same name. The album shifted over eight thousand copies in the first twelve weeks сллот release.

слот 9

Due to the success слот 9 their second album, the band were once again nominated for the RAMP Awards in лсот categories.

Slot received the most nominations in They won the Hit of the Year award. They have played with слот 9 rock bands such as KornClawfingerand Samael.]

слот 9



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